We reached out to Lisa, who joined our team in October last year, to learn more about the day to day responsibilities of site agents who play a vital role in the smooth running of Windhoist. We wanted to find out what a typical day looks like in her role, as well as what she likes most about her position within the company!

Describe A Day in the Life of a Site Agent

“We always start early, which I enjoy as the skies in Finland are beautiful in the mornings, with peaceful roads, not at all like in the UK. The site always kicks off with a toolbox talk to discuss the works for the day, share any safety notifications, health and safety issues and obviously discuss the weather (how ironic is it that the wind is one of our worse adversaries when constructing wind turbines!?).

“The crew then go onto site and I carry out my daily tasks, anything from general admin to a site health and safety inspection or an airport run. No two days are the same.”

On-site at Langmossa

What Do you Enjoy the Most About your Job?

“For me, I enjoy working with a great bunch of people from all different walks of life and developing good working relationships. Although the crew are predominantly men, this has not phased me in the slightest as they are all welcoming and I would like to think they see me as one of the team as opposed to one of the only females. The fact that I get to see other parts of the world is obviously a bonus.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing a turbine being steadily constructed. Once it is energised, it will produce clean, inexhaustible, renewable energy. I know that it is important for us to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases and overall pollution, and this industry is helping to achieve this goal. Ultimately, this is one of the reasons for me choosing the wind industry.”

Off-site in Malax – Aurora Borealis

Thanks to Lisa for taking the time to outline what is involved in her role as a site agent, and we appreciate your continued hard work!