Windhoist was established in 2005 after its founders recognised the need for a UK based mechanical and electrical installation turnkey supplier to the emerging Wind Industry. The new business built upon engineering heritage dating back to 1950’s. The original McNally entity initially worked and focused on agricultural machinery, plant hire and rail decommissioning before branching into crane hire, and eventually entering the Wind Industry in 1999.

Windhoist is now recognised as the largest wind turbine installation contractor in the UK with an increasing market share in mainland Europe and beyond. In fact, earlier this year Windhoist passed a significant milestone having installed over 10GW.

The experience in the UK has been gained on some of the most difficult sites seen in Europe with floated roads, steep inclines and meagre wind abatements providing numerous challenges to our crane operators and technicians. Each site, no matter how difficult, was perceived as part of a learning curve and used to shape the theme of the company in developing a strategy to maintain high standards of safety, performance and quality in this high risk industry.

Since the establishment Windhoist has greatly expanded in terms of scope, geographical coverage and employee numbers.

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