2/13 turbines complete at Haejsberget, Sweden!

Our team is working hard and our project is progressing well in Haejsberget, Sweden. Pre-assembly was completed in early February and two turbines have already been installed, with work on the third well underway. When [...]

A Successful Expansion to Knockawarriga Wind Farm

Windhoist has successfully installed three additional turbines at Knockawarriga Wind Farm in County Lemerick, Ireland, significantly increasing the production of clean and renewable energy in the region. These three additional turbines have been installed adjacent [...]

An Update from Morocco!

Our team at Midelt Wind Farm in Morocco are making fantastic progress and another full rotor was lifted and installed last month! The site, far east of Marrakesh and South of Tangier, is very remote [...]

Work at Thorup-Sletten in Denmark is Underway

Thorup-Sletten wind farm in Denmark is underway, and Windhosit is hard at work to finish the project. Despite unfavourable weather conditions, our team have already successfully installed three turbines.  The wind farm is located Northwest [...]