When did you start with Windhoist?
I started with Windhoist in 2013 as a technician. I already had previous experience in the wind industry.

Why did you want to work within the wind industry?
Well I started to work in this industry initially because I thought it was an interesting job and the prospects were good within onshore wind. I had studied as an Electrician and a Mechanic; I love learning and I knew I would be able to learn and develop new skills within wind. I have been in this industry for over nine years now and I am still learning each day!

What is your favourite part of the installation process?
I have been involved with all tasks when it comes to constructing a wind turbine but my favourite part without any doubt is installation, especially on top. During my time with Windhoist, I have overseen the top team and I really enjoyed that responsibility and working with that allocated team.  I also like to assist the crane drivers to rig and de-rig the cranes or driving the trucks to move crane parts as I have good experience as a truck driver in the past.

Biggest career highlight?
I started as a keen, enthusiastic technician and I have always given 100% on site. Back in 2019 I was promoted to Assistant Site Manager. It was a pleasure to be promoted as this gave me new challenges and more responsibilities. In life you are supposed to progress and I feel that Windhoist has allowed me to grow and develop. I am very much looking forward to my future with Windhoist.

Most challenging part of your job?
The most challenging part of my job is starting up at new sites as you need to adjust to new environments, climates, and cultures. When I arrived in Scandinavia it was during the winter time and temperatures were between -20° and -30°, for sure it was a big challenge for myself and my crew, but we got the job done in the best way possible and ultimately that is all that matters. It’s all about being safe on site and working well as a team!