Ahl El Filali Ahmed was kind enough to sit down with us and tell us more about his role as a Site Agent within Windhoist. Having started in 2013, he has seen the company grow exponentially! 

Describe your most memorable day onsite:

My last day in Hull was special for me. It was a pleasure to be part of the team working on the biggest offshore wind farm in the world – Hornsea1!

What have been the biggest changes over the last 5 years?

Every day is a learning day, no one can say that they know everything – especially in the wind industry. No matter how much experience you have, a day will come when you find yourself lost! 

I have learned a lot from very experienced site managers, not only about the job but about life, culture, friendship and brotherhood. Thanks to them, I’m still a member of the Windhoist family.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I enjoy management, discussion, and sharing ideas. I’ve also learned the importance of passion, as being a site agent isn’t an easy job – especially when working on big sites with lots of people who all need help with certain tasks and problems!

What is your favourite crane and why? 

I love the cranes a lot – they’re my favourite toys! I have enjoyed my time working as a rigger with the CC2800, but my favourite is the LR1100; very easy to work with, very handy, and strong enough. 

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start within this industry? 

Go for it, working in the wind industry is fantastic – it is a job of the future. Join Windhosit!


Thanks for taking the time to shed some light on your role as a site agent Ahl El Filali, and we appreciate your continued hard work as part of the Windhoist family!