Having entered a new decade, it’s a good opportunity to take stock and take a look back at just how far Windhoist has come in the last few years. Not only have we diversified the type of projects we are involved in and the services we provide, but some of the numbers we have reached are a great achievement!

Since our launch, we have successfully installed 6895 turbines in over 21 countries, with more going up every week. This is enough to provide 19GW of clean and renewable energy, aiding numerous nations towards their renewable energy targets and helping human civilisation move towards a forward-thinking and green energy production system.

We have also been involved in a number of projects that have expanded the type of service that we can provide. Traditionally we have always worked exclusively onshore although we have recently expanded our capabilities and we are now recognised as leaders within the offshore industry. Winning the pre-assembly contracts for Beatrice and Hornsea 1 were very proud moments for Windhoist.

Northwester 2 off the coast of Belgium, then saw us send technicians to install turbines out at sea for the first time. This was another great achievement for our company and further expansion into the offshore wind industry, and we hope to further expand its offshore capabilities in the coming months and years.

None of our achievements would be possible without the tireless commitment and incredible skills of our Windhoist employees. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our teams and supporting staff spread across the planet for their continued hard work, and we are sure these first 6895 turbines are just the beginning!