Windhoist provide local boost to Moray East Pre-Assembly works!

Moray East Offshore Windfarm

Moray East Offshore Windfarm

Windhoist continue to make inroads to the Offshore Wind sector, this time with a recently secured contract award to provide local technicians to assist with Pre-Assembly works for Moray East offshore windfarm. 20 locally based technicians have been recruited for the project which commences this month and is expected to reach completion in September 2021. This marks the third scope of works Windhoist have undertaken for MHI Vestas since providing initial services in late 2019.

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“We are delighted with the awards we have achieved within our first year of gaining approved supplier status with MHI Vestas, we also have the benefit of each contract award relating to different areas of activity: Offshore Installation, Offshore O&M, and now Offshore Pre-Assembly. Our aim has been to develop a solid foundation from which Windhoist can provide further support to MHI Vestas in the upcoming period ” – Willie Dawson, Windhoist Offshore Director


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