We sat down with Albert Cathcart, who has been with the company since 2012! He has had a few job titles over the years, the ranks from tech, to crane supervisor, to assistant site manager and now site manager! However, his current position is probably best described as offshore wind technician.

We sat down with him to learn more about his role at Windhoist!

Why did you want to start in wind?

For years I’d seen turbines all over Ireland, and always wanted to know how they were put together and what was involved! I got the chance in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since!

What are the main challenges within your role?

The main challenge now is to get used to a new work environment.

On the Jack Up, you can’t leave. You live, work, eat, and sleep on it 24 hours a day. You can’t just take a drive down to the shop at the end of the day for anything you need. It’s a totally different environment to onshore wind.

What are your career highlights?

There’s been so many over the years! Travelling all over the world, building turbines for all the major manufacturers, and working with some amazing people from different parts of the world.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love meeting new people, and the challenge of learning the ins and outs of each new turbine I work on. I also really enjoy getting home at the end of a work rotation – it’s always nice getting back to family and friends!

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start within this industry? 

Go for it! It can be hard work with long hours away from family and friends, but it is really rewarding work. Send your CV to as many companies as you can, and hopefully, you will get the start you’re looking for!


Thanks to Albert for taking the time to speak to us about his role at Windhoist. We appreciate the hard work, and we hope the rest of your work rotation goes smoothly!