Thorup-Sletten wind farm in Denmark is underway, and Windhosit is hard at work to finish the project. Despite unfavourable weather conditions, our team have already successfully installed three turbines. 

The wind farm is located Northwest of Aggersund, a small harbour town in Northern Denmark. In total, Windhoist will be responsible for the installation of 18 SGRE turbines for a total capacity of 77MW.

Upon completion, this project will generate enough electricity to support the annual consumption of 65,000 households and is expected to remain in use for at least two decades, if not longer.

Windhosit will be employing its own specialist equipment to complete the installation, including the use of one of our impressively-sized cranes, pictured throughout the article. We have included a close-up below.

These images and many others can be found on the Thorup-Sletten website.

Good luck to our Noel Daly and his team out in Denmark, and we hope the weather improves!