Windhoist will be travelling to Japan in February 2020! Our company will take part in two significant wind energy industry exhibitions, attended by business and organisations from all over the world! Not only will we be exhibiting, but Lynn Obi, our marketing manager, will also be providing a presentation as part of a UK-focused panel.

There are countless opportunities within Asia to further the renewables industry, especially when it comes to wind energy. These events allow a huge number of stakeholders to meet in the same place to trade ideas, foster fresh relationships, and begin new cooperations, and Windhoist is excited to be a part of it.

The first exhibition event of the trip that we will take part in is the 8th Asia Offshore Wind Day, organised by the Asia Wind Energy Association. This will take place in Tokyo on the 25th of February. 

Lynn will also be providing a ten-minute presentation at the ‘UK Capability Showcase’. Lynn will outline some key projects and success stories in the UK, as well as outlining how this experience and progress might be used to advance the Asian wind energy industry. Lynn and her fellow panellists will also take part in a follow-up Q&A.

Windhoist will also attend the Wind Expo from the 26th-28th of February, as part of the EIC UK Pavilion. This is Japan’s largest wind energy show, and businesses involved in wind energy at every level of the industry will be in attendance.

If you will be in Japan attending either of these events and would like to arrange a meeting with Windhoist, please get in touch with us so we can make arrangements!