Windhoist has recently returned from America where we were a part of the Scottish Offshore Wind Mission. This was an incredibly productive event across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey, aiming to connect Scottish and American companies to help the US offshore wind industry on its way to meeting its full potential!

Rhode Island Delegate

In New Jersey, the Business Network for Offshore Wind and State Economic Development Authority invited us to converse with numerous American businesses and stakeholders. The aim was to discuss how we can move forward together by combining the extensive expertise we have built up in Scotland over the last twenty years or so with budding US renewable energy industry.

This gathering featured several interesting events and presentations, including one by our marketing manager Lynn Obi. These covered several critical topics concerning business opportunities for offshore wind in the United States as well as outlining project timelines.

Lynn Obi US Presentation

The event included not just offshore wind executives, but other stakeholders such as those in the East Coast fishing industry. It was enlightening to hear from these different perspectives, and we are excited to move forward together towards a world that relies less and less on unsustainable fossil fuels.

We also attended the American Wind Energy Association in Boston. This was a two-day event with hundreds of exciting exhibitors and an excellent opportunity to meet a vast number of people across the renewables industry. We look forward to working together with many of you in future projects.

A highlight of the trip was Windhoist’s opportunity to meet Ivan McKee, Scotland’s Minister of Trade, Investment and Innovation. He was keen to learn more about the potential of the offshore wind energy production, as well as the expertise and skills that Windhoist provides.

Lynn Obi and Ivan McKee

Thanks to Lynn and Willie for being our ambassadors across the Atlantic who did a fantastic job of representing our company. We’d also like to thank Scottish Development International for their valuable and ongoing support.

If you would like to learn more about Windhoist, or about our role within the Scottish Offshore Wind Mission, get in touch with us today.