Windhoist is happy to announce yet another successful project, this time in Ireland. On September the 17th, we installed the final blade on the seven turbine site, bringing an end to our role in the project.

Kilathmoy Wind Farm, located on the border between County Kerry and Limerick, is part of a larger project in Ireland to improve the percentage of electricity which comes from renewable sources and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint. Ireland already boasts an impressive capacity for wind energy with around 25% of the country’s electricity requirements coming from wind turbines, with more projects planned for the future.

This new project features seven Nordex N100/3300 DELTA R75 WTGs, each generating around 3.3MW of electricity, creating a grand total of 23.1MW when running at optimum. This translates to power for around 15,000 homes!

We’d like to thank Chris Kirkpatrick, the site manager, as well as his talented team for doing such a professional job in Ireland.