Windhoist are happy to announce that our recent Australian project in Central-Western Victoria is now complete! We have successfully erected all 56 wind turbines which will produce an incredible 750,000 MWh of entirely clean energy each and every year.

The Site

This site, a forward-thinking and economically-viable wind and storage facility around 200km outside of Melbourne, is now fully operational. At full capacity, it will produce enough electricity to power roughly 130,000 homes.

Built using cutting-edge but proven battery and energy production technology, the power produced will be used both locally and around the national grid. It will also reduce the cost of energy for Victoria while delivering energy security to the population. Not only is this site one of the first to be built worldwide, but it is also one of the largest.

Furthermore, due to its size and incredible rates of electricity production, this recent project will make significant headway in helping the Australian government to meet its clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction national targets.

The Installation

We took care of the entire installation from start to finish using our crew and our cranes. The first stage of the installation process involves using cranes to lift each piece of the tower into place. Our crew, stationed inside the tower, will then secure each piece into place until the entire tower is built. Once the tower is in place, we can go to work installing the nacelle, rotor, and blades.

It was a pleasure to be involved in a project that will have such an impact on both the local population and the world as a whole. Hopefully this facility proves to be successful, leading the way for more hubs of clean energy to pop up around the world as we leave fossil fuels behind us.

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