When did you start with Winhoist?

I joined Windhoist back in 2012 as a young, enthusiastic Trainee Wind Turbine Technician. Fast forward to 2019 I am now leading a full crew in Finland as Site Manager for Windhoist.

Why did you want to work within the Wind Industry?

When I first started everyone was talking about turbines, I knew renewables was going to become something “big”. I wanted to be part of an exciting sector with unprecedented levels of growth and development. I knew I would get that within Windhoist.

Any nerves at the start?

No. I was really eager to learn and get stuck in. I was really lucky and was placed within Noel Daly’s crew. Noel has a wealth of knowledge about turbine installation and is always so willing to help trainee technicians achieve their full potential. Working with Noel gave me the confidence and knowledge to progress into a management role.

Where have you travelled with Windhoist?

I have been all over really. I have installed turbines in: Ireland, UK, Germany, Morocco, Belgium, France, Australia and Finland.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love being part of the whole project. It is something pretty special. When we arrive on site – there is nothing, when we leave site there are many turbines standing tall, all ready to produce clean energy! It really is a team effort. We all work as one and all the crew enjoy spending time together. The time away from loved ones can be hard but we all look forward to our rotation breaks

Proudest achievement to date?

The installation of two turbines Coober Pedy, Australia (2016). This remote mining town was once fully reliant on generators providing their energy. Now the town is powered 100% by renewable energy. Solar and Wind power is now responsible for powering the homes of Coober Pedy.

Thank you Paul for all your hard work and dedication to the company.

If you are inspired by Paul’s journey and would like to build a career in renewable energy, visit the Windhoist Training Centre who have developed a range of approved, technical and specialised training courses. Click here to find out more.