Windhoist have installed five full turbines at Grousemount Wind Farm, south east Kerry. Grousemount, which is being developed by Kerry Wind Power Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB.

The complete project was granted permission from An Bord Pleanála in Summer 2016 and construction began in the summer of 2017.

The full project comprises Grousemount Wind Farm, Coomataggart 110 kV Substation, which is located within the wind farm site, an underground cable connection from the Substation to ESB Networks’ Ballyvouskill Substation near Millstreet and minor associated works. The wind farm will comprise 38 wind turbines,32 x SWT-3.2-108 71mhh and 6 x SWT-2.3-93 78,3mhh, resulting in up to 114 MW of renewable electricity being generated on site.

Thanks to John Mills and his crew for all their hard work.