Windhoist are extremely busy in Australia, working in the Wimmera region of Central-Western Victoria, approximately 200km northwest of Melbourne

This Windfarm will eventually generate more than 750,000 MWh of renewable electricity each year. This energy will be used to power the national grid which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce power prices for consumers.

Putting 750,000 MWh into numbers, that is the equivalent to taking either 230,000 cars off the road or planting 1.2 million trees.

The hub will be a pillar in renewable engineering and will be the largest grid-scale batteries in the world which will have the ability to power approximately 130,000 homes.

Work started on the hub in late 2017 and with the help of our skilled technicians at Windhoist and continued support from SGRE, there are now 42/56 turbines standing tall (SGRE G132-3.465).