As the New Year commences, we will have fully erected and populated all 24 tower sections across 2 berths (as of this weekend 20th January 2019)

The first vessel is due in port on the 1st February to collect the first 4 towers, which are fully walked down by client, accepted and ready to go.

The ‘First Article Inspection’ was completed at the start of December and it was a huge success. The feedback from the client was that it was the best P-FAI that they have encountered to date. This achievement is down to the hard work and dedication of the team as a whole at every stage of assembly.

We have the second phase of TWI (Training Within Industry) training arranged for next week where the teams will be trained onsite in three areas – 2 Stage Marking, Personal Locks and Checklists. This is an initiative facilitated and trialled by SGRE for which Windhoist are now frontrunners in the initiative.

Our team are working together with the support of SGRE to adopt a LEAN approach to the project. The LEAN board (which is central to the work) is owned by the foremen and they are using the tools provided to plan their tasks and brief their team leads daily. The LEAN approach is a technique used to make our processes as efficient as possible by cutting out wasted time and giving ownership of processes to dedicated teams.

As part of the team structure, an effective briefing structure has also been rolled out. Each day there is a brief morning toolbox talk from the Site Manager to talk about any company news, after which the foremen set out the day’s activities during team specific work toolbox talks with their team leaders around the LEAN board. The teams are then set to work, led by their team leaders where a daily risk assessment is conducted. This is currently working like a well-oiled machine!

We would like to thank all so far who have been involved in the project to date and extend our gratitude to all at SGRE for their continued support.