Skovengen Wind Farm, Denmark

Skovengen Wind Farm

Skovengen Wind Farm

Windhoist recently returned to Denmark to complete the installation of the turbines at Skovengen Wind Farm. The team were installing five Vesta V112 x 84mhh wind turbines. These turbines are high-wind turbines and they have a very high capacity factor.

Now two years later; we are delighted to announce that Windhoist have installed all five of the wind turbines at Skovengen Wind Farm. Each wind turbine is able to produce 3.45MW of energy. This means that in total the turbines will produce 17.25 MW of energy.

Denmark is promising 50 per cent of its electricity output will be powered by wind by 2020. They are installing more and more turbines because they are reliable, competitive and  low cost to run. Renewable energy is definitely the way forward for an eco-friendly planet.

Well done to Barry McLaughlin’s crew for all their hard work!

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