Yesterday Lynn, Coleen and Jack from the Windhoist office had the chance to go out and meet pupils at Sanquhar Primary in Dumfries and Galloway and talk to them about the wind industry. Specially produced Barney and Echo series ‘Sparky’s Big Idea’ books were given out to the children as an informative and engaging way of teaching them what we do here at Windhoist and why. The eager group of children were already quite knowledgeable. The team held a fun quiz and spoke to the pupils about pursuing careers within the industry.

Windhoist are currently undertaking a wind turbine development in Sanquhar, installing nine Vesta V112 x 74mhh wind turbines which will be able to produce 30mw of energy which is enough to fulfil half of Nestle’s current UK and Ireland energy requirements.

The opportunity to engage locally is important for us at Windhoist and we would like to thank head teacher Mrs Christine Wilson and the children we met for inviting us to their school . We had a great time meeting you all and thank you so much for your time.