Quality consciousness has been a long time concept, culture and practice for Windhoist;
always focus on delivering the highest standard and not only achieving but exceeding our
customer’s expectations.

We have a well proven quality systems accredited by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate and
supported by the IMS.

Top management are committed the development and continuous improvement of the
quality management system through both words and actions.

We ensure the communication regarding quality management system, processes and their
effectiveness in the organisation through regular formal and informal methods.

Evaluation and improvement:

  • The organisation carries out post evaluations of our development to check the degree of
    compliance with the objectives and expectations.
  • External and internal audits are critical for the success of our QMS. The audits are carried out
    with the aim of giving an objective assurance to determinate the effectiveness of the system
    as well as to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Windhoist carries out, at least once per year, a management review in order to assess the
    QMS and take the appropriate actions and decisions as well as stablish new KPIs.

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