Health and Safety

Windhoist recognises the many dangers present in today’s workplace and demands a focus on Health and Safety. All Windhoist Projects are driven through the medium of idealistic Health & Safety objectives and must be completed with the highest degree of safety and quality. Windhoist have a dynamic Health & Safety Management system that is centrally monitored by the Group Health & Safety Manager. Site visits are carried out periodically and following each site visit, a health and safety inspection report is compiled which highlights both current and foreseeable issues. At all times, the group Health and Safety Manager shall liaise directly with the individual Site supervisor as well as the Overall Project Managers. Where particular difficulties arise from the implementation of Safety, Health or Welfare standards on site these shall be referred to the Company Director(s), Operations Manager and/or Project Manager.

The Group Health & Safety Manager shall be aware of the Company’s Safety Statement and shall monitor the implementation the relevant health and safety standards on all Windhoist sites. It shall also be the responsibility of the Group Health & Safety Manager to bring to the attention of the Site Supervisor, Project Manager,Operations Manager and/or Company Directors areas of Health, Safety or Welfare that are in need of improvement on that particular site.

The Group Health &Safety Manager will also make provisions to:-

(a) Advise all levels of Windhoist Management as to the observance of the requirements of the Safety Statement / Safety Management System / The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and associated provisions.

(b) Exercise a general supervision of the observance of the above requirements and the promotion of the safe conduct of work generally. In particular the Group Health & Safety Manager shall be responsible for carrying out the following functions, and / or for ensuring that others carry out those functions on their behalf:-.
• Ensuring that injury reporting / investigation procedures are implemented on site.
• Ensuring that regular Site Safety Meetings are held.
• Ensuring that Site Safety Inspections are conducted regularly and a Site Safety Report completed, and that work is being conducted in accordance with the Safety Statement.
• Ensuring that statutory inspections are carried out, i.e. crane, lifting plant, lifting gear, etc.
• Ensuring that statutory certificates are available for inspection on site.
• Ensuring that regular Tool Box Talks are held on site.
• Ensuring that all personnel working on site receive a Site Safety Induction.
• Ensuring that all works contracted out to sub-contractors have the correct documentation, i.e. Safety Statement / Method Statements.
• Ensure that personnel have received appropriate Health & Safety training.

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