Windhoist Ltd has an Environmental Management System that is compatible with all aspects of ISO 14001. For the last number of years, Windhoist Ltd premises have undergone annual environmental assessments to ensure all avenues are covered in order to gain this award. Such assessments have awarded the company with the BS 8555 standard which is classified as the almost final step in achieving ISO 14001.

Windhoist Environmental Management System includes examples of the following:

• Weekly environmental audits on behalf of each Site Supervisor
• Regular inspections by the Company Environmental Health & Safety Manager at all of our Company Depots and sites where Windhoist are contracted onto
• All plant provided with spill kits, drip trays and waste disposal materials in the event of a hazardous waste leak or incident
• Segregated skips at all our Company Depots
• Monitoring of Waste disposal
• Monitoring of energy usage at all our Company Depots including electricity, fuel, etc. Also monitoring of fuel used by all plant used on site.
• Use of low emissions plant and machinery on all our sites
• Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, including regular assessments.

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