Tadano Faun ATF 60-3

The lifting capacities in the structural area are based on DIN 15018 parts 2 and 3 and F.E.M.

The lifting capacities in the stability area are based on DIN 15019 part 2 / ISO 4305.

The maximum permissible wind speed for crane operation is 15 m/sec.

The lifting capacities shown are in metric tons.

The weight of load handling devices such as hook blocks, slings, etc., must be considered as part of the load and must be deducted from the lifting capacities.

The lifting capacities for the telescopic boom apply to a crane with no boom extensions being stowed or mounted on the crane.

The working radius is the horizontal distance from the centre of rotation to the centre of the freely suspended non-oscillating load.

The lifting capacities are subject to change without prior notice.

The above remarks are for basic information only and the operator’s manual must be consulted before operating this crane. All data and performances refer to the standard crane. The addition of optional and other equipment may affect the performance of the crane.

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Technical Information

Max. lifting capacity  60 t