• Windhoist can provide standard transport services (lift and shift) via its Forsyth of Denny subsidiary.
  • Windhoist in partnership can provide Transport, Crane and Installation solutions for the wind industry.

Windhoist provided Transport, Crane and Installation solutions for Tula windfarm in Sardinia, Italy.

Client: Acciona
Number of Turbines: 34
Model: AW 77/1500 80m hub height

Wind Turbine Erection Packages

Windhoist’s real strength is our ability to provide a turnkey wind turbine erection package. This packages includes a full Contract Lift cranage…

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Mechanical / Electrical Services

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Maintenance & Servicing

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Windfarm De-commissioning

With the rapid development in wind turbine technology i.e. efficiency, control systems output etc., there is an increasing demand…

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